Meet Karina

Karina Gallagher is a Long Island/Boston-based storyteller, both theatrically and through musical composition. She has been surrounded by music and theater her entire life, and came from a family of successful musicians, actors, directors, and composers.

Karina hopes to use her family’s reputation and gifts to help her in her journey as an artist. She began performing at the age of 5, and studied piano, voice, dance, violin, and trained in martial arts. She received a black belt in ninjutsu karate at the age of 12.

In her teen years, she participated in school and community theater. Some roles she had the honor of playing include Fantine (Lés Miserables), Wendla (Spring Awakening), Leading Player (Pippin), Laura (The Glass Menagerie), and Edwin Drood (The Mystery of Edwin Drood). During this period, she began to experiment with songwriting, which has grown into one of her passions. Her first single, titled "Vibrant," was released on October 1st, 2021, and her second single "Next to you” was released April 8th 2022. On top of this, she is the lead singer of the Sunday Dinner Live Band, which performs pop originals and covers on Long Island and north of NYC.

She is a current Musical theater major at The Boston Conservatory at Berklee College of Music and recently starred in their main stage production of Head Over Heels as Gynecia. She is looking forward to continuing her career theatrically and musically.

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  •  karina-gallagher-gynecia-head-over-heels

    Gynecia in Head Over Heals, Boston Conservatory, 2022

  •  karina-gallagher-katie-track-the-wildness

    Katie Track, The Wildness, Pride Performing Arts

  •  karina-gallagher-rias-rise

    Rias, Rise, Boston Conservatory

  •  karina-gallagher-fantine-les-miz

    Fantine, Les Miserables

  •  karina-gallagher-solo-cabaret-players-club-nyc

    Solo Caberet, Players Club, NYC

  •  karina-gallagher-ellen-miss-saigon

    Ellen, Miss Saigon

  •  karina-gallagher-drood

    The Mystery of Edwin Drood

  •  karina-gallagher-lorraine-42nd-street

    Lorraine, 42nd Street

  •  karina-gallagher-lorraine-42nd-street

    Leading Player, Pippin

  •  karina-gallagher-spring-awakening

    Wendla, Spring Awakening

  •  karina-gallagher-maggie-tenor

    Maggie, Lend Me A Tenor

  •  karina-gallagher-gown

  •  karina-gallagher-purple-haze

  •  karina-gallagher-guitar-1

  •  karina-gallagher-guitar-2


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